Hotspots in Dogs are a common skin condition. If you’ve noticed your dog itching more than usual and discovered a moist red spot on their skin or under their fur, your beloved pet may be dealing with a hotspot. Dog hotspots are an area of infected skin that looks red or moistand is sometimes raised. Officially known as moist dermatitis. Hotspots can be found anywhere on the body and can increase in size very quickly. Your dog will experience them as itchy and sometimes painful patches and will often try to sooth hotspots with licking or biting.

Hotspots are not likely to go away on their own , but the good news is they can be easily treated. The best thing to do when you notice a hotspot is to book an appointment with your vet and try to stop your dog scratching too much. This itching can make the irritation worse causing matted hair,lacerations and sometimes secondary infections.

Causes of a hotspot can be anything from a insect bite or just a minor graze. If there’s enough moisture on the skins surface for the bacteria to take hold this will create the right conditions for a hotspot.

Common causes of a hotspot:

Flea Bite

Food Allergies

Stress or Boredom

Injuries & Grazes

Dog Hotspots tend to be more common during summer days when humidity is high, which is why they’re also known as summer sores.Although long haired dogs are more prone to them any dog can get them.

Treating a hotspot: Trim the area around the hotspot and clean with a mild antiseptic. Topical spray such a leucillin can also be used. A dog cone is handy to have to stop your dog from scratching and reaching the sore. Most hotspots will disappear after a few days if treated well. Keeping your dog healthy and well groomed will help in the prevention of hotspots appearing in the first place.

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