Dog Grooming Didsbury

Looking for a Dog Grooming Salon in Didsbury?

We are Shampoochie Dog Groomers only 10 mins from Didsbury Village. We offer lots of Packages for your dogs including Puppy Pampers Full Grooming Packages Teeth Cleaning Nail Clipping and ear care. Your dog will be pampered in a safe caring environment where we take great care of your dog in our calm and relaxing salon in Stockport.

Full Groom Package

Why not treat your pooch to a pampering groom where they will be spoilt with our gorgeous smelling range of natural shampoos. Blueberry facials are standard with us to refresh and clean smelly faces. Nails cut & ears cleaned.


Bath N Brush Package

This is a fabulous treat for your dog either mid grooming appointment or as a relaxing treat. We know are dogs can be smelly but theres no need with our Bath & Brush Package.


Puppy Package

Puppies are precious and a pamper is a great way of introducing them to the grooming process. We will look after your new puppy and make grooming a pleasure for them. 


De-shedding Package

 Some dogs have fur that sheds and causes discomfort for them. It makes them hot and itchy and covers your home in dead loose fur. Let us take care of that with our de-shedding package. 

Shampoochie The Perfect Place to Pamper Your Pooch

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