Terms & Conditions

Shampoochie Dog Groomers Stockport

When you first visit us you will be asked to sign a registration form. These details are kept with us and are referred to when needed. They require your dog’s name, gender, medical conditions, vaccination dates, and your name and contact details. It is your responsibility to keep us up to date on your details should they change.

The groom is carried out with these details in mind. Should you be unhappy with the groom please tell us before leaving the salon so we can rectify anything.


If your dog is found to have fleas we will charge £20 extra on top of your groom. This is to cover flea shampoo treatment and to disinfect and flea spray the salon after your dog has left. Please check your pet for fleas prior to their appointment. If you’re unsure if they have fleas then please ask us for advice.


All cancellations require 24 hrs notice or the FULL groom amount will be payable. We will text you to remind you of your appointment. Early cancellations mean that we can fill your appointment and we don’t lose money and another customer who needs an appointment can attend. As a small business, this is important to us. 

Picking up and dropping off

Please be on time when dropping off and picking up. If you’re late it has a knock-on effect on our other appointments as we try to work one to one where we can. Being too early is also not encouraged as if your dog sees you before they’re finished they become excited and as we tend to groom your dog’s face last that could make for a very nasty accident. Please be aware of this. We will contact YOU by text 15 minutes before the pick-up time or tell you when dropping off, the time to pick up. Your compliance with this is greatly appreciated.


Firstly we DO NOT dematt! If your dog is matted we will shave your dog to remove matted fur. This may have to be done with a wet shave to achieve a longer finished length, but mainly it’s a kinder way to clip as it doesn’t pull the skin as much and our clipper blades can get under the matts easier. You will be charged extra for this. This service can take up to twice as long as a normal groom due to the extra care needed to release the coat. Extra charges will start from £15 extra on top of the groom but may be increased depending on the severity of the matting and the duration of the groom. You will also be asked to sign a matted disclaimer form, we ask you to thoroughly read and understand this form, and any fur will be bagged and dated for our records. We are proud to say that we abide by the Animal Welfare Act of 2006.

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