As a Dog groomer We are often asked how often should I have my dog groomed? This depends on the breed of your dog and its coat type. If you want your dog to have a fluffy coat and the “teddy look” then regular dog grooming is essential. Dog Grooming schedules differ from breed to breed and your dog groomer will know the best schedule for your dog. 

Sometimes a bath in between grooms to keep your dogs coat knot free and tidy is recommended as it will help especially on curly breeds like cockerpoos and poodles and poodle crosses and shihtzus. 

Bigger dogs may only need grooming professionally about 4 times a year depending on their coats and lifestyle. Ask your Dog groomer about de-shed packages.

If you’re not sure just ask it’s what we are here for’s our job to help you keep your dog in tip top condition. Afterall your dog and how it leaves our salon is an advertisement for us so we always want your dog to look as great as you do. We want the whole of Stockport to know that your dog was groomed by us so if your dog looks awesome we as your dog groomer will be proud. If You’re looking for a dog groomer in Stockport check out our Fabulous grooming packages. Dog grooming Stockport

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