Fleas! These little critters are not nice. Once you have them they’re pretty difficult to get rid of. They get in your home and your car and can be a nightmare to remove totally so prevention is always best. If you have flea & tick spot on treatments or tablets make sure you always have your regular supply. Keep a month in front especially in the hot weather. 

Should your dog catch fleas then bath your dog in a good shampoo with neem in the ingredients.Your dog groomer may sell this please ask.This is a natural flea preventative. Wash all the dogs bedding on the hottest wash you can and get a good flea spray. We use Indorex in the salon and it’s available from your vets or online shopping sites. Spray your home and car and anywhere your dog goes in your house. Your dog groomer may also charge extra for dogs presenting with fleas so it’s a good idea to have a check before coming for a dog grooming appointment if you’re not sure. Especially in the warmer months!

A good check to do is roll your dog on its back so you can see its belly give it a tickle so you can have a good look. They will come out to play if you wait long enough. Another good sign is black flecks that look like dirt will be visible on the back. Get a white hankie , wet it and gently rub the black flecks. If the hankie turns a reddy brown that’s possibly flea poo so you’ll need to act. 

Ticks are harder to find they burrow and like to hide although they sometimes are very cheeky and plant themselves in full view. They look like skin tags and are often mistaken for warts. They engorge themselves on your dogs blood and they can get in some very funny places. These must be removed by a vet or a dog groomer with the correct tool. Pulling a tick off the wrong way can result in the head staying inside the body and becoming infected. Some ticks carry lyme disease too so finding and removing them early is essential.

Again if you’re unsure phone us and ask. We’re here as your dog groomer to help you.

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