Getting a new puppy is exciting & daunting in equal measure. Every puppy is different

And they soon develop their own unique personalities. Part of them growing up is having regular grooming sessions. This, done early, is a great way to introduce your puppy 

to brushing,combing, bathing also clipping of nails etc 

Some puppies are confident and take to grooming really easily. Others are more timid and need gentle persuasion to get used to all the equipment and procedures. Early salon visits are essential to train your puppy. 

If puppies are left until they’re older then grooming can become very disorientating for them. If they are not used to the salon or procedure it can be scary. Also that first visit may be a shave off because the coat hasn’t been properly maintained. No one wants a shaved dog,we don’t want to shave your dog. Remember your dogs are our advertisement. We want them to look their absolute best as we’re sure you do to.

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