While some of us are at home and on lockdown I’d just like to offer some help with brushing your dog at home. A bit of home dog grooming is fun! It helps to keep their coat knot free and can help create a lovely bond between you and your dog if done properly.

Firstly make sure your dog has been exercised. Nothing worse than trying to make an excitable dog sit still ,especially when the brush comes out! Have a high value treat to hand..chicken or tiny pieces of ham will work or their favourite treat. Something they don’t normally have and make it tasty!

You’ll need to concentrate on the legs, ears and chest areas mostly as these are the areas that will easily knot.

If you divide the leg into three parts and hold the leg at the top of the first third and start brushing in a downward motion with a slicker brush firmly but not too hard. Hold the leg and part the fur going higher up the leg as you brush parting the hair as you go. If you have a comb use this to go over the area just to make sure the hair is knot free.

This can be done in stages one leg at a time if you want. Positive commands like good and well done followed by a small treat will help. Make this a positive experience for you both. It shouldn’t be a battle for any of you. 

Ears can be a very sensitive part of a dog so before you start to brush or comb just check inside their ears for redness or irritation and if any is visible dont brush, if clean and clear you’re good to go. Again start at the bottom and brush in sections parting the hair as you go up. When you get near the top support the ear from the top so you don’t pull the ear too much when you’re brushing. Again go over with a comb until knot free. Matts may have formed behind the ear so if they don’t come out with a little teasing then leave them. Do not use scissors to cut them out. Wait until you can get to your dog groomer. We can remove them safely. 

Above all make it a fun time for you both. Your bond with your dog is a very special thing to have. Enjoy it! Before you know it you’ll have the best brushed dog in Stockport!

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